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Counterfeit Credit Card

Defence to charge with Counterfeit Credit Card

A counterfeit credit card case, Pulinggam v R (Cth) [2006] NSWCCA 145

“… they were found to contain 2250 cards purporting to be visitor passes on which there were adhesive labels. When the adhesive labels were removed, cards having at least some of the characteristics of credit cards were revealed.”

His Honour stated,

“I consider that the cards imported by the appellant were not capable of being found to be “counterfeit credit cards”. In my opinion, such a conclusion is assisted by the dictionary definitions of “counterfeit”, the absence of any extended definition, or any definition, of “counterfeit” in the Customs Act and the degree of caution which I consider courts still exercise in holding that statutes creating offences apply to conduct not clearly within their terms.”

The interesting part for me is, defence argued that those cards are not Visa Credit Card either as per the Business Development Manager for Visa International in Australia


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