Fraud and Theft Offences

robbery fraud theft brisbane criminal lawyers

Charges with Theft, Robbery, Stealing or other Dishonesty Offences? What are your defences? Read in Criminal Lawyers Brisbane Blog

Assault Charges

Common Grievous Assault

I found a very useful content in Queensland Court’s website. You can read it HERE What is Grievous Bodily Harm and Common Assault Criminal Code 1899 (Qld) stats, Grievous bodily harm According to Definitions of Section 1 “grievous bodily harm” means— (a) the loss of a distinct part or an organ of the body; or (b) […]

Sexual Assaults

Sexual Assault Brisbane Criminal Lawyers

It is very difficult to defend sexual charges. Consent is most important factor and it is not easy to prove that consent was given by the victim.

Drug Charges – Possession Supply Trafficking

drugs related charges trafficking supplying possession

Charged with Possessing Drugs? Most common misunderstanding we have about drug possession charges is that some of us believes that as long as the drugs is not mine, I am not doing anything wrong. You need to understand the meaning of “Possession”, you can be in possession of someone else’s belongings. So, if the police […]